Free Voice and Video Calling!

Posted 03.04.2016

Big news! We're excited and proud to offer our users voice and video calling in our latest update...for free! Not only can users actually say "hello" to friends and family, but also see their smiles. 
Users can enjoy quality video or voice calling in any one-on-one chat they have. Because we wanted to make video and voice calling as hassle-free as possible, we made it easy to switch from video to voice during a chat. In addition to easy switching, users can have their calls running in the background while resuming their phone cruising. 
Ready to start enjoying free Voice and Video Calling? 
First thing: update your LINK Messenger so that you're using version 1.3.0. Then you can simply go to a contact's profile and choose either Voice or Video Call. To switch into a voice or video call in chat, all you have to do is tap the "+" on your message bar to see the options - it's that easy.
Enjoy the free Voice and Video Calling!
The LINK Messenger Team

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